Associate Scientist (Theoretical Physics)

The Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department expects to make up to two appointments at the level of Associate Scientist with a five-year term beginning in 2019. This position is roughly equivalent to a junior faculty position at a university and has the possibility of leading, in time, to an appointment without time limit. An appointment at the level of Scientist or Senior Scientist, equivalent to Assistant Professor or Full Professor at a university, is open for consideration depending on the candidate's expertise. We are seeking candidates with a doctorate in theoretical physics who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and a high level of technical competence in the areas of lattice QCD, perterbative QCD, neutrinos, dark matter and collider phenomenology. The successful candidates will be expected to carry out independent research in theoretical particle physics, to be interactive with the Lab's experimentalists and to contribute to the intellectual life of Fermilab. The current staff of the department consists of William Bardeen, John Campbell, Marcela Carena, Bogdan Dobrescu, Estia Eichten, Patrick Fox, Walter Giele, Roni Harnik, Christopher Hill, Andreas Kronfeld, Paul Mackenzie, Pedro Machado, Stephen Parke, Chris Quigg and Ruth Van de Water. Further details about the department are posted on our web page: http://theory.fnal.gov/. Qualifications and Essential Job Functions Ph.D. in Physics or relevant subject. 2+ years of postdoctoral experience. Excellent oral and written communication skills as demonstrated by presentations at conferences and a strong record of publications in professional journals.  
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
Less than 5 years

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